Trump unites


Today, what has been a virtuality for so long will become actualised. After months and months of polling what might be, today American voters will, by the act of colouring dots on pieces of paper and throwing those in big bins, create what has been carefully planned over the past 18 months or so: a human body which represents and and acts as the the will of the collective of all human bodies that we commonly call “Americans”.

That being said, the collective imagination surrounding this – what is called – “election” was focused on one such body; a body commonly referred to as TRUMP. It is a sobering exercises to focus our attention on a moment on pronouncing this name, with mindfulness. Trump. Again once more. Trump. Without any doubt, I know you have been pronouncing this name before. Trump. It’s a phonetic miracle how this combination of tongue and mouth movement interaction, supported by exhaled air, represents such strong emotional connotations. Trump. What do you feel? Excitement? Repulsion? Fear? Whatever it is, it is very likely not indifference.

Tonight, Clinton will be elected president of the United States. But this election is not about her election. This election is about the possibility that something else happens. And that is: that whatever this thing may be, “Trump” gets elected. I can not recall very clearly when was the last time that one man triggered the imagination of so many people – so many human bodies – at the same time. How many of 7 billion people will never have heard about Trump? How many of those who have will be indifferent when they hear that name, pronounce that name? I argue: very few. And that’s why I believe that Trump unites us. Our collective interest is in Trump. Our collective focus is on Trump. News outlets can not publish on anything else but Trump, because the readers don’t want to read anything else but Trump. We want Trump. We want to be repulsed by him. We want to know how repulsed we are by him. We want to repeat that, over and over again.

Is there even a person named Trump? This body which is most likely carried in an airplane from territory to territory, at the same moment twittering the excrement of his soul into the blogosphere, where it feeds the craving news consumer. Trump. What did he say? How repulsive is it? Why is it so repulsive? Analysis. What do “the polls” say – which as a Delphian oracle has become the prime current event worth reporting ? Analysis. Analysis of the excrement of the soul of Trump, which might be the mirror image of our own desire. Trump touches our spirit. Trump unites us. Whatever Trump is, “it” has found the key to our collective imagination, a pivotal focus point for our increasingly disseminated attention. This is the novelty.